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Edward L. Burlew, LL.B.
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Address 16 John Street
Thornhill, Ontario L3T 1X8
Tel (905) 882-2422
Fax (905) 882-2431

Edward L. Burlew, LL.B., Barrister and Solicitor, is a Canadian lawyer and gun rights advocate. He is one of only three lawyers in Canada[1] who specializes in the byzantine labyrinth of contradictions that is Canadian gun law, being widely recognized as possibly the foremost expert on the subject in that country.


[edit] Personal life

Burlew was born in southern New Jersey, USA, where his father was the area representative for the National Rifle Association. The young Burlew was an avid participant in shooting sports and hunting from an early age, bagging his first deer at age 10.[1] His family immigrated to Canada and settled in the province of Ontario while he was in his early teens.

Burlew's involvement in shooting sports remained strong after moving to Canada, where he continued to hunt, where he continued participating in rifle competitions and casual target and clay shooting. He also currently has his IPSC Black Badge in handgun shooting. His wife and daughter are also active firearm enthusiasts.

[edit] Legal career

Burlew on the Daily Split, 2011
Burlew earned his law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1977, and was called to the bar in Ontario in 1979. While firearms cases always formed part of his caseload, it was with the passage of the 1995 Firearms Act that he began to devote his practice almost entirely to the area of gun law. He foresaw "tremendous changes in firearms licensing" and devoted over a year to studying the legislation and figuring out its possible ramifications for Canadian gun owners.

His current practice consists largely of Canadian hunters, gun owners' groups, shooting ranges, suppliers, police officers, Canadian military personnel, and individuals charged with having unlicensed firearms or unsafe storage of such firearms. He has also represented clients who have been denied firearms licences because of medical conditions such as periodic depression or cancer.

Due to his "need to maintain a high level of credibility," (particularly important in the hostile, anti-gun Canadian political environment) Burlew does not accept gang members or others engaged in illegal activities as clients.[1]

Burlew has also maintained close ties with the CSSA and the CILA since 1997.

[edit] Prominent cases

  • In 2004, Burlew was the lead council defending Canadian gunsmith and anti-firearms registry lobbyist Bruce Montague, until being replaced by Calvin Martin.[2]
  • In 2011, Burlew represented Ontarian Ian Thompson when he was charged with violations of the Firearms Act after firing warning shots at several men who were throwing molotov cocktails at his house! (Nope, not making that up.[3][4])

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