December 15

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Gotthard Glas was born December 15, 1923 to Erich and Miele Glas in Weimar, Germany. By all accounts, his earliest years were the happy and carefree existence young boys have always known, spent in a farmhouse filled with antiques, nestled in the quiet countryside. All that changed in 1933, when he and all his schoolmates were hurriedly sent by their families to live in England. Young Gotthard, you see, was a Jew, and a monster had arisen to power in the Reichstag. The wisdom and resources of his family undoubtedly saved his life.

While he had the good fortune to escape the holocaust that swept Europe, killing most of his extended family, the sheer horror of it instilled him with a desire to do what he could to make such atrocities a more dangerous ambition for those who would consider such villainy in the future. He managed to make his contribution to this end by the time he was in his mid-twenties.

But by then, no one was calling him Gottard any more.
They called him Uziel...

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  • 1791 — The Virginia legislature ratified the Bill of Rights (including, of course, the Second Amendment), rounding out the requisite three-fourths of the states needed to make the Amendments part of the Constitution.

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