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  • 1851Robert Adams granted a British patent for his new revolver design - the world's first successful double-action revolver.
  • 1992 — Ruby Ridge, Idaho: FBI HRT sniper Lon Horiuchi shoots and kills Vicki Weaver while she was holding her 10-month-old child.
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He that hath no sword, let him sell his garment and buy one.
- Luke 22:36
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  • The 300 Winchester Magnum cartridge was introduced in 1963. With a 150gr bullet, the velocity is 3290 fps and when zeroed at 250 yards shows a 0 - 300 yard rise-to-drop of 2.9" to -3.5"
  • The only version of the Madsen sold in any quantity was the .30 caliber (.30-06). These were bought by Columbia.
  • The only version of the Madsen sold in any quantity was the .30 caliber (.30-06). These were bought by Columbia.
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John Bell Blish
John Bell Blish (September 8, 1860 - December 22, 1921) Known mostly for inventing the Blish lock, used in the Thompson submachine gun. Blish licensed the patent for his lock to the Auto-Ordnance Corporation in 1915 in trade for company stock.

Blish was a career United States naval officer, serving as executive officer on the U.S. warships Niagara and Vicksburg during the Spanish-American War. He retired from the United States Navy with the rank of Commander in 1919.

Blish was buried at Arlington National Cemetery.


The USS John Blish (ASG-10), a survey ship commissioned during World War II, was named after him.

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