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Remember also that the smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights, cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.
- Ayn Rand
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  • Tikka (and Sako) are now owned by Beretta.
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A Hellfire trigger is a patented[1] device that allows a semi-automatic firearm to fire at a rate approaching that of fully automatic firearms. When the trigger is pressed, the Hellfire device disengages the trigger return spring, which moves the operator's trigger finger. Basically, it's a small metal gizmo that clamps to the trigger guard behind the trigger of your semi-automatic rifle or pistol. It has a "finger" that presses against the back of your trigger, and the pressure exerted on the trigger is adjustable. The net effect of this is to increase the force that attempts to return your trigger to its forward position. Thus the Hellfire system allows you to fire your gun at "full-auto" rates, even though you are still pulling the trigger each time a round is discharged. Some users may also use the Hellfire device in conjunction with bump firing techniques to fire more rapidly.

While the device is simple, it is also both unsafe and inefficient. Many users complain about the awkward firing position required to shoot a Hellfire trigger-equipped firearm. Use of the trigger may also damage a gun or cause it to malfunction, since most semi-automatic firearms are simply not designed to handle the substantially greater stress of high rates fire.

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