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News for Gunsopedia and Gun Owners' Resource, along with newsfeeds from the firearms and ammunition industries, other pro-RKBA sites and organizations.

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[edit] National Rifle Association

Illinois: Senate Committee to Hear Suppressor Legalization Bill Next Week

On Wednesday, January 25, the Senate Criminal Law Committee is scheduled to consider Senate Bill 50.

New Hampshire: House Committee to Hear Outrageous Anti-Gun Bill Next Week

On Tuesday, January 24 at 10:00am, the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee is scheduled to hear House Bill 350, anti-self-defense legislation containing unwarranted pitfalls for law-abiding gun owners.

SB 48 & HB 50 Update: Gun Control Bills Receive Committee Referrals in New Mexico House & Senate

Ex-NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s national gun control group Everytown continues to mislead lawmakers that these two bills simply close the non-existent “gun show loophole” and regulate online firearms sales.  In fact, these measures are far more expansive. 

7th Circuit strikes ban on target practice by minors, and near-ban on firing ranges

People younger than 18 have a Second Amendment right to target practice, with adult supervision. Broad bans on the location of firing ranges are unconstitutional. On these points, all three judges of a 7th Circuit panel agree, in the newly decided Ezell II.

Anti-gun Researchers: Trump win alters conversation on gun control research agenda

The researchers, from dozens of universities, met at a conference on gun violence just days after the November election. They had fully anticipated discussing a very different outcome and opportunities for policy changes during a presidency of Democrat Hillary Clinton, said Dr. Sandro Galea, dean of the Boston University School of Public Health and organizer of the Nov. 14 event.

[edit] Gun Owners' Resource

“We have guns”

<![CDATA[Well, what the hell can you expect? And don’t even bother giving me any of that”the police will protect you” claptrap.  Sure, the Mounties keep saying, “let us do our jobs,” but when you’re 50 miles north of no-damn-where, cops can take up to an hour – or more – before they even show up (Googling “Saskatchewan [...]]]>

Because no good can come of it, that’s why…

<![CDATA[Some things are worse than useless; this is one of them… CSAAA Position Statement on Canada’s Firearms Marking Regulation Canada’s robust firearms import/export regulations already comply with the recommendations of the UN Firearms Protocol – the Criminal Code Firearms Marking Regulation goes too far. On June 1st, 2017 Canada’s Criminal Code Firearms Marking Regulation, passed [...]]]>

To the Surprise of Nobody 2

<![CDATA[Were you a mere citizen instead of a former RCMP member you would be in prison for a very long time. Thank God for Daniel Daudet that he was once an RCMP Member, huh?]]>

Not So Smug Now

<![CDATA[And those arming themselves are primarily women. “If anyone wants to buy a long gun in Austria right now, too bad for them,” the Czech newscaster says. “All of them are currently sold out.”]]>

Another Horse In The Race

<![CDATA[Clare warned that, if the NFA didn’t get what it wanted, its 75,000 members might not bother going to the polls — with dire consequences for the Tories in swing ridings.]]>
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