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News for Gunsopedia and Gun Owners' Resource, along with newsfeeds from the firearms and ammunition industries, other pro-RKBA sites and organizations.

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[edit] National Rifle Association

California: Moraga Town Council Holding Public “Study Session” On Anti-Gun Ordinances

Tomorrow night, the Moraga Town Council will be holding a public meeting to discuss a number of proposed anti-gun ordinances for the town.  The proposal includes mandating the locked storage of firearms “at all times in any residence” and an ordinance regulating the location on where firearm dealers may operate. 


U.S. Supreme Court Disappoints on Right-to-Carry, but Justice Gorsuch Shines

Gun owners were justifiably disappointed June 26, when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Peruta v. California. The denial was a setback in NRA’s efforts to secure judicial recognition that the Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms outside the home. For now, misguided state and local governments will continue to deny their residents’ Right-to-Carry.

Washington: Council candidate wants to increase Seattle’s tax on guns

One of two candidates vying to replace Seattle Councilmember Tim Burgess wants voters to double down on the city’s gun tax.

Indiana lawmakers consider recognizing Right-to-Carry without a permit

A new proposal could allow people to carry loaded guns in public without a license in Indiana.

Arkansas college campuses prepare for gun law to take effect

Don't pack that sidearm just yet.A new state law that allows enhanced carry in previously forbidden places like bars, churches and college campuses takes effect Sept. 1. But there's a catch: The same law calls for concealed carry permit holders to have enhanced training before taking weapons onto those properties.And that training has yet to be created.

[edit] Gun Owners' Resource

Cover-up of High River forced entries continues

<![CDATA[On June 25, 2013, Alberta Justice Minister Jonathan Denis asked his Deputy Minister, Tim Grant this question: ‘What legal authority do the police rely upon to forcibly enter private property in the flood stricken area?’]]>

RECALL: Ruger, again?

<![CDATA[Ruger Precision Rifles (regardless of caliber) that have an aluminum bolt shroud and fall within the following serial number ranges are potentially affected: 1800-26274 to 1800-78345 or 1801-00506 to 1801-30461.]]>

Dumb magnets beat smart gun

<![CDATA[Oh, look; yet another Miracle Cure For Gun Violence® has fallen flat on its face.  What are the odds?]]>

1,000-Pound-Draw Crossbow

<![CDATA[Looking for a new crossbow this year? How about one that could take down a T-Rex?]]>

Good at Gloating, Bad at Counting

<![CDATA[The simple truth is that the anti-gun movement has lost big in the state legislatures this year, even while some states remain in session and more pro-gun bills are on the move.  At this point, the ratio of pro- to anti-gun bills actually signed into law in the states is about 20:1.]]>
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