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[edit] National Rifle Association

Gun control groups ready for showdown with NRA: 'We'll spend what it takes'

Gun control leaders say they are working hard to educate their progressive allies about this coming fight over local gun laws.“We’re drawing a line on the sand on this one, and we’ll spend what it takes,” said John Feinblatt, the president of Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun control group backed by billionaire former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel pushing more gun control

Yes, this is probably the way to go — when criminals holding illegally owned firearms shoot and kill and pour blood into the city streets, the way to make the community safer is to rip guns out of the hands of legal and permitted owners.

Most homicides in U.S. occurred in 5 percent of counties, says study

The homicide rate may be rising in some U.S. cities, but slayings are still a localized phenomenon, with most U.S. counties not seeing a single homicide in 2014.

NRA takes aim at California to reverse its gun control laws

A firearms advocacy group has gone to court to challenge the constitutionality of California’s new assault weapons ban, as well as other major gun control laws passed last year by the Democratic-controlled state Legislature, arguing that “assault weapon” is a “political term.”

Indiana governor says he will sign several contested bills

The NRA-backed gun bill Holcomb also said he will sign allows employees of the Senate, House, Legislative Services Agency and Indiana Lobby Registration Commission to be armed in the Statehouse.

[edit] Gun Owners' Resource

No one but ourselves to blame

<![CDATA[The latest issue of the CSSA's newsletter tells us of the wonderful story of how we shot ourselves in the foot. Personally, I prefer it when we are the ones with the moral high ground.]]>

The latest in UN meddling

<![CDATA[The UN: utterly useless at anything that actually matters, but still managing to relentlessly meddle in your personal business since 1945. CSAAA UPDATE - Canadian Firearms Marking Regulation]]>

Are Ear Plugs Better Than a Suppressor?

<![CDATA[This conclusion from CDC is unsurprising to anyone who has, unlike ARS, actually used a firearm equipped with a suppressor.]]>

Here’s an understatement…

<![CDATA[...the one issue I have a problem with - the High River gun grab, a massive violation of civil rights mostly ignored by the media because they have no time for gun owners.]]>

Libs being Libs… again

<![CDATA[Goodale announces new Firearms Advisory Committee - Canadian firearms owners are hurled under the bus again!]]>
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