Cooey model 60

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Cooey model 60
Cooey 600.jpg

Type rifle
Land of Origin Canada
Barrel length 24"
Cartridge .22 short, long & long rifle
Action Bolt action

Muzzle velocity varies by cartridge
Effective Range 200 yds
Feed 11/15-round tube magazine
Sights iron sights
Production History
Designer H. W. Cooey Machine & Arms Company
Design Date 1938
Manufacturer H. W. Cooey Machine & Arms Company
Winchester Western Canada Ltd.
Produced 1939-1967 (model 60/Ranger)
1967-1976? (model 600)
Variants Cooey Ranger (Eaton's)
Cooey model 600 (post-1967)

The Cooey Model 60 is a bolt action repeating rifle made by the H. W. Cooey Machine and Arms Company of Canada. It was also marketed as the "Cooey Ranger" by department stores in the Timothy Eaton Company chain.

[edit] Design

The rifle was chambered for .22 caliber short, long, and long rifle ammunition. It's fed by a tube magazine located underneath the barrel which holds 15 short cartridges or 11 long/LR rounds. Loading is accomplished by removing the inner magazine tube and dropping rounds into the loading port. The bolt cocks on closing and features a protruding pin which can be rotated into a cut out slot in the receiver to act as a safety mechanism.

It is worth noting that the model 60 is unusual for a Cooey rifle in that it ejects spent cartridges straight up, rather than to the right. This can become rather bothersome when attempting to add a scope to the rifle. When a scope is mounted on the rifle (usually a side mount), empty casings can sometimes bounce off the scope and back into the action, buggering things up and generally irking the shooter.

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